Saturday, November 11, 2006

What's on the menu tonight

Hmmmm let's see. How about we start with one very angry dom and a large 12 inch thick latex dildo. How about she straps me to a bench and starts to work her tool into my ass. Maybe she's feeling very cruel and decides not to use any lube. She starts thrusting it deeper into my ass. The friction and stretching is painful. She encounters great resistance and decides to pull it out slightly and then using her full body weight rams it in. It splits me in half, I can feel the pressure build in my abdomen. I scream from the pain. She pulls out and repeats the process. After about 5 tries the entire 12 is in me.

How about this. There's a mirror in from of me. As my vision clears from the haze I can see her as she works my ass. I can hear her grunts as she thrust in and out. I can see the furrow between her brow and her pursed lips. I can see the sweat on her top lips. I see a river of sweat flow between her breasts.

Soon the dildo is useless. My hole is stretched so wide that it offers little resistance.

How about this. The dom decides to try a double anal. She begins to work another dido into my ass but it too much. She pulls out and positions both heads into the opening and screams as she rams them in deep. Success, no that's too much. She angry that my ass won't comply. But in the process she's managed to inflict some intense pain. When she sees my erect cock she decides to take her anger out on my balls.

Let's say she has on heavy leather boots and decides to thrust them into my balls from behind. The first blow hits me square in the nut and smashes it against my pelvic bone. One, two, three my thinking begins to cloud. She's in a rhythm. I last until 14 and then pass out.

Now that's a menu

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pain Fun

Ram a 10 inch dildo up my ass and kick me in the nuts. I've tried it and boy was it painful.

Cock Tie

My new pastime involves tying my cock at the base with a plastic cord so tight that it turns blue. Then if in a mood I'll slap my balls with a ruler. Very hot.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Cock Pull

Tie rope around cock attach to one gallon water bottle. Slowly fill.

Fun Fun Fun

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Nut Squeeze

Nuts in between two slats of wood and lots of electrical tape.

Pop Pop

Friday, October 01, 2004

Tranny Action

I'm checking out craigslist > casual encounters looking for a hot transsexual. I would love to fuck a hot tranny tonight. Ideal person would have nice dark tan body, firm breasts, long black hair, tight ass . . . well you get the picture. I'm amazed at how absolutely gorgeous Brazilian and Asian TS are. Must take a trip to Brazil one day.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

On My Mind Now...

Self Flagellation. I made a pretty cool whip out of a leather jump rope. I removed the handles and cut the rope in half. I then folded the two pieces in half. I attach some electrical tape to the folded end to create a handle. Voila you have nice 4 strand whip.

Nothing better than getting on your knees and whipping your ass till you're dripping with sweat and covered with red stripes.

Have fun and play safe.

Most Intense Orgasm

Girlfriend fucking me in the ass with a dildo while I masturbate. The amount of semen that comes out when I ejaculate is amazing. I've also done it alone. Loads of fun especially if you work yourself into a frenzy. When it's done I feel absolutely drained (literally and figuratively). Kind of messy too. Better lay something down or there go your sheets. - Hunting down mature moms everywhere! - Hunting down mature moms everywhere! I just found out what MILF stands for. I love hot toned women in their 30s and 40s. Another Hot site. - Are you feeling lucky?

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Golf Club Busting

I've busted my own balls with a golf club. A metal 1 wood is my favorite. I stand with my legs spread apart and hold the club in front of me with outstretched arms. I usually grab the club in the middle. I line the club head with my balls and start swing it away and then towards my body. When I'm ready I drive it into my balls. Ouch. But it feels so good. I can get into a pretty good frenzy where I bust my own nuts up to 50 times ( I video taped it once). A couple of times I got so carried away that I fell to my knees because I swung the club so hard.

I want to work on a auto ball busting machine. I think I may start with the golf club and work from there. - Kick 'em where it counts!

Fun site. Some free sample videos. On the aussie site there is this guy taking numerous blows from two women. Hot. - Kick 'em where it counts!